PBIS – Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


Ridgely Elementary School provides every student with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence by fostering a partnership between home, school and community.

The mission of the Ridgely Elementary School PBIS team is to foster and promote a respectful, positive and safe school environment that enhances student learning through teaching growth mindset, modeling expectations and instilling intrinsic motivation.

We strive to support all students and staff by promoting positive behavior school wide. We recite our Code of Conduct each day. It is reinforced daily in all areas of our school.

Graphic with Ridgely Terrier listing Code of Conduct

Student Recognition


Staff say "Thank you" for expected behavior and acknowledge true accomplishment, achievement, excellence, or effort with specific praise or a written note.

Paw Punch Cards

Teachers punch paws as students go above and beyond the code of conduct expectations.  They choose a prize when punch card is filled.


Best in Show Ribbon

This ribbon is given to classes when ALL students are identified as following the Code of Conduct. Students not following the Code of Conduct consistently may or may not participate in the class reward. The goal for grades K – 2 is to earn 10 ribbons. The goal for grades 3 – 5 is to earn 15 ribbons.


Consequences for Students

Teachers pledge to protect the rights of students to learn and enjoy school by following the classroom management plan below.

When the Code of Conduct is not followed, specific consequences will be enforced. These consequences may include:

  • Verbal warning
  • Terrier Time
  • Parent Contact
  • Minor Referral
  • Major Referral- The CCPS Handbook states how certain actions warrant immediate administrative involvement such as fighting, inappropriate language, possession of contraband or weapons, harassment, or threats.