Media Center


Our Mission

The mission of the Ridgely Elementary School Library is to enable students and staff to be successful users of thoughts and knowledge by:

  • Providing support and access to information for academic success by teaching information & digital literacy skills through the inquiry process
  • Evaluating the needs and interests of students
  • Presenting a welcoming environment conducive to learning
  • Developing a current and diverse collection that supports the curriculum
  • Planning collaboratively with teachers
  • Providing motivation for life long reading

Our Vision

The Ridgely Elementary School Library Media Program is a working part of the school community to enable students to be responsible learners and passionate readers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the right book can transform any student into an avid reader. Reading is extremely important for success in life.


Please visit the Caroline County Public Schools website for policies relating to the school library. Such policies include Unmet Obligations, Reconsideration of Materials, and Selection of Materials.

First Amendment Rights

We support students’ First Amendment Rights. All students have the right to read with equitable access to resources. They will be taught critical thinking skills so that they may responsibly locate, evaluate, and use ideas effectively. Materials will be purchased with the entire learning community’s interests in mind.

Copyright & Plagiarism

An author’s words are protected by copyright laws. No one can use them without permission. If you copy someone’s words, it is called “plagiarism.” To use someone’s ideas, you need to put the concept in your own words and cite the source in a bibliography at the end of your work. This gives credit to the person with the idea and shows where your information originated. To learn more about copyright, visit Cite your sources easily at